AGM 2016

International Flying Dutchman Class Organisation – British Section


Minutes of 2015 Annual General Meeting held on the 29th August 2015 at Bala Sailing Club at 18:00


Present:-  7 British Section Members

The National Secretary welcomed everyone to the 2015 AGM however before proceeding with the formal business it was necessary for those present to approve the following ‘Point of Order’

‘The Chairman was unable to attend the AGM and therefore had asked National Secretary to chair the meeting in his absence.

‘Point of Order’ was unanimously approval by the meeting on a show of hands.

  1. Apologies:-

Apologies were received from Tim Lester, Steve Parry & Peter Doran.

2.  Minutes Last Meeting:-

The minutes of the 2014 AGM held at Largs Sailing Club on the 13h July (previously circulated by e-mail and posted on the website)

With no corrections or amendments necessary adoption of the Minutes was proposed by Julian Bridges, seconded by Jon Williams and agreed unanimously by the meeting on a show of hands.

2.1 Matters arising

 2.1 -Item 4.5 b. (from 2013) Jon Williams asked for update with regards to the on-line banking, The Chairman said he would give an update as part of the Treasurers Report.

 3.  Chairman’s Report:-

In his absence a paper copy of the Chairman’s report (attached) was circulated at the meeting…..

The core message is that with falling membership numbers and participation at events down to just a few boats and little chance of a turnaround in fortunes in the foreseeable future, we need to re-focus on the objectives and how we manage the Class in this new era. The Chairman feels it’s important that we continue to support all the members and boat owners and the committee will do what it can to organise & run a National Championships and an AGM each year, but beyond that functionality will be very low key. Newsletters and the communication of all information will only be done by e-mail or posted on the website.*

All those present albeit reluctantly agreed that realistically this was the only way forward

*Note:- Full FDCO Members will still receive the International Bulletin & stickers through the post.

4.   Financial Report:-

4.1  Treasurers Report & Accounts

The accounts for the 2014 Worlds Championship (attached) were circulated at the meeting, the key points being…..

  • Due to the generosity of the Scottish Sailing Institute and several other organisations & individuals, a grant of £705 from IFDCO together with some diligent management of the finances the event only made a deficit of £549.61 against a budgeted loss of £2,500,
  • Deficit was paid out of British Section reserves.

The accounts for the year ending 2014 (attached) were circulated at the meeting; the salient points are……

  • Net income £830.83 from 30 Full IFDCO & 12 British Section Members.
  • Only minimal expenditure in 2014 on the basic operating costs.
  • The expenditure of £549.61 is the deficit from the 2014 Worlds at Largs as detailed above.
  • Overall for the year there was a surplus income over expenditure of £42.72.
  • The pre-payment of £300 is the grant for the 3 boats attending the 2015 Worlds in Sydney.
  • The £400 liability represents the over payment by HUN 13 for their entry to the 2014 Worlds, this will be repaid & accounted for in 2015.
  • The debt of 33.50 is the balance of the money owed by Toby Dale for engraving several of the trophies, previously agreed it will stay on the books for 5 years before being written off.

On-line banking is finally up and running which means making transactions is so much easier & faster which is a huge benefit for all concerned.

When the use of on-line banking was first approved at the AGM in 2013, because we can only have one signatory it was agreed that we had to seek approval from the membership annually to continue with this arrangement. Those at the meeting agreed unanimously to allow the use of on-line banking for another year.

4.2  Approval of the Accounts

There being no further questions, the adoption & approval of the accounts for the year 1st January to 31st December 2014 and those for the 2014 World Championships was proposed by Alex Rogers & seconded by Colin Burns and agreed unanimously by the meeting on a show of hands.

The meeting agreed a vote to Peter Doran for all his hard work as Treasurer.

 4.3 Budget for 2016

The proposed budget for 2016 (attached) was circulated at the meeting, the format being slightly different from previous years to reflect the Class’s current position. Key points arising are…..

  • Forecasting that there will only be 22 Full IFDCO and 10 British Section Members in 2016.
  • Operating costs kept to a minimum just enough to keep the class ticking over.
  • Membership fees to be reduced to £35 for Full IFDCO & £5 for British Section Members effective from 1st January 2016. This is gives us sufficient income to cover our operating costs
  • Budget is showing a small surplus of £40

In addition a provision has been made for ‘additional’ expenditure of £800 to be taken from reserves for Championship Grants and to support the National Championships. The Committee will consider and agreed how the money can be best used for maximum benefit to the class and its members.

There being no changes or amendments the budget was proposed for approval by Jon Williams and seconded by Glyn Sheffield and agreed unanimously by the meeting on a show of hands

  1. Election of Officers and Committee Members:-

The National Secretary (Tony Lyall), is due to stand down under Class Rule 6.4. but has indicated he is prepared to stand for re-election for another 2 year term.

There being no other nominations his re-election was proposed by Julian Bridges seconded by Alex Rogers and was unanimously agreed by the meeting on a show of hands.

  1. Future National Championships & Regattas.

 For a number of years we have been operating on or below the critical mass with boats attending regattas to make them viable, as a result the number of events have been falling, we only held two in 2012 & 2013 and just one in 2014 & 2015

The probability of very low numbers makes organising just the one event, our National Championships very challenging for the following reasons….

  • Not many clubs are not willing to host our Championships.
  • As we need to Piggy back onto either another Class or a Club event it’s difficult to find ones that don’t clash with other events or are suitable venues for the FD.
  • Many clubs and classes don’t publish the programmes until well into the new year so making any forward planning or promotion of the event difficult.
  • The few active boats we have are spread around the country, so always long travel distances for some.
  • Injuries this year apart shortage of crews is an ongoing problem for many.
  • Having found a venue people are then very reluctant to commit themselves to going, which has a massive knock on effect and makes any sort of planning very difficult.

After a much discussion on this topic the key points raised were……

  • Going forward the Class would now only commit itself to organising one event each year that being the National Championships.
  • There must be a minimum of 3 boats attending to constitute a Championship.
  • A 3 or 4 day event would seem to be the preferred.
  • Maybe for 2016 we should try and find a venue/event in the south & on open water.
  • General acceptance that we had little choice but to hold our NC either as part of a Regatta Week or maybe piggy back onto another class’s event.
  1. IFDCO Update:-

The National Secretary updated the meeting of the following developments at IFDCO


  1. IFDCO subscription rates to rise from 25€ to 30€ effective from January 2016
  2. The price of the IFDCO Sail Button was increased from 20€ to 25€ effective from January 2015.

Larger Spinnaker, update…..

Decision one way or the other will be made by the General Committee in Umag. All members are being invited to have a say via their National Class Organisations or at the Competitors Forum to be held in Umag.

At our AGM in Largs those present were unanimously against the idea of the class adopting a larger spinnaker, if that is still the feeling of the members then they need to let Peter Doran know now!

Future Championships…..

  • Worlds 2016 (19th – 29th May) Steinhuder, GER
  • Worlds 2017 (May/June) St Petersburg, RUS, all container cost are to be paid for by the organisers.
  • Worlds 2018 (June or September) proposal received from Italy to host event at Scarlino
  • Worlds 2019 (February) proposal received from New Zealand to host event in Nelson

IFDCO General Committee….

At the 2015 AGCM held in in Sydney the following were elected

  • Tony Lyall as President
  • Peter Van Koppen as Treasurer
  • Jan Lechler asVice President Championships (re-elected for a 2nd term)
  • Marc Strittmatter Vice President Communications
  1. A.O.B.

Jon Williams proposed a vote of thanks to the Committee for all they’ve done over the last year &

also to Colin for the website & newsletter, motion was supported by all those present

With no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 19:05