Notes from the competitor’s hearing at the 2016 World Championship

Notes of the Competitors Forum

held at the

Hannover Yacht Club, Steinhude, Germany


25th May 2016

 Present approximately 60 Competitors + Members of the General Committee

  • Welcome

The President welcomed everyone to the Forum ad explained that it was an opportunity for you guys to have your say on whatever issues you wanted to raise. We will be prompting discussion on certain subjects as we need your input to assist us in making the right decisions.

With regards to the General Committee Ed Cox was standing down as General Secretary, Meike Greten had been nominated in his place, there have been no other nominations. Paul Hemker has agreed to do another term as VP Technical, there have been no other nominations. There also have been no nominations for the position of VP Development. John Best is standing down as Chief Measurer after these Worlds and is being replaced by Tanja Heijink.

There are also 5 Commodores on the General Committee representing the following… AUS/NZL, USA and 3 from the European countries with the highest membership, currently they are GER, ITA & NED. These are not elected positions by are appointed by the National Class Organisation and it’s important that these countries were represented at the meetings.

  • Championships

As previously announced Russians had withdrawn from holding the Worlds in 2017 due to organisational difficulties and that the Italian Class along with the hosting Club had agreed to bring  their event forward by one year, so the Championship Schedule now looks like this…..


  • Scarlino Italy
  • To be agreed at AGCM, Bids received from Altea, Cadiz (both ESP), Taveria (POR)

Medemblik    (NED) and St. Petersburg (USA)

  • Nelson (NZL) to be confirmed at the AGCM

On a show of hands majority were supportive of the decision to go to Scarlino in 2017, as for 2018, 6 were in favour of going to Cadiz, 10 to Altea, 19 to Taveria & 23 to Medemblik


2019 No bids, though it is understood that Hungary are going to bid to hold on Lake Balaton

It was suggested we consider going to La Rochelle in France for a Worlds or Europeans.

3.0 Technical Matters

 GPS Compasses – One competitor made the comment that the Raymarine (TackTick) Race Master compasses were very expensive at 700 Euros and that they didn’t last that long. There are cheaper versions on the market but all have GPS capability which means they don’t conform to our Class Rules.  So the question is can we change the rules to allow for GPS compasses?

One suggestion made was that you can use the TackTick Micro compass which is much cheaper.

On a show of hands the majority were against allowing GPS compasses with only a few in favour

Action – VP Technical to do some market research to see what makes of compass there are on the market that give the same functionality as the Race Master but are cheaper & that are not GPS.

 Laminated Sails – We had a general discussion about introduction of laminated sails the arguments for and against were as follows…

For        – initially give a higher performance level than current sails

– looked ‘sexier’

– gives better visibility on the water


Against – 30% more expensive

– more care required when handling & should be kept out of direct sunlight when not in use

– after initially higher performance levels they then ’fall off the cliff’ quite quickly

– genoas would only have a very short life expectancy because of  and being furled &

constant hitting of the mast


The majority of those present felt we shouldn’t adopt laminated sails at this time.

Equipment Inspection – The Chief Measurer asked for a show of hands to indicate who would prefer on the water Equipment Inspection and who were in favour of doing it on the shore. The Forum was split 50/50 on this issue

  • General Matters Raised by the Competitors

We had a long & lively debate about the duration & number of races, course configurations, the start/finish and programme. The main points raised were as follows…


  1. Suggestion made that races should be shorter only 40 – 45 minutes long with 3 races a day and 12 races in a series
  2. Others wanted to have races that are 60 minutes long with just 2 races a day and the 9 race format

Course Configuration

  1. A number of people wanted us to sail just windward/leeward courses as they thought the downwind leg was much more tactical that triangle courses.
  2. A lot of people still wanted triangle/’sausage configuration of some description
  3. Many people didn’t see the point of sailing two triangles and suggested we had two ‘sausages’ instead.
  4. The meeting was very divided on this issue


  1. The comment was made that on multiply race days we currently spend a lot of time sailing back to the start area from the finish at the windward mark and waiting around for all the boats to get back.
  2. Suggestion made that we finish at the bottom of the course either with a short leg to a line set off the Committee Boat similar to what the Olympic Classes do or if we want a windward finish then set the committee boat 25% the way up the windward leg and finish boats there.

When the issues discussed were put to the vote on a show of hands the general feeling of the meeting was as follows:-

  • The majority were in favour of races being approximately 60 minutes long
  • The majority wanted to keep a triangle/’Sausage’ (windward/leeward) course configuration of some sort
  • 41 people wanted 2 ‘sausages’ & 1 triangle with 21 people preferring 2 triangle & 1 ‘sausage’
  • Only 15 were in favour of just windward/leeward courses
  • 32 people wanted the finish at the bottom of the course with 22 wanting to keep it at the windward mark.
  • Most people didn’t want 3 races a day.

Other Comments

  1. Reserve day should at the end of the Championship and only used if required.
  2. Venues for Championships it should be in places where sailors & their families want to go for their holidays.

Action – General Committee to consider points raised when the Championship Rules are revised.

5.0 A.O.B.

There being no further business the President thanks everyone for their attendance & input and closed the Forum