The FD Dinghy


Sail an FD? Not me I’m too small?

The FD is a two man Trapeze boat with centreboard. It’s sail area is 39.1 m2 comprising of a 10.2m2 mainsail, 8.4m2 Genoa and a 20.5m2 Spinnaker. The overall length is 6.057m with a 1.90m beam. The hull weight is 130Kg minimum.

Flying Dutchmans have an all carbon raking rig which controls the awesome power of the FD which means it is easily tuned to crew weight and can be sailed by almost anybody. Its renowned upwind speed and exquisite hull shape lifts the FD on to a plane very easily. Combine this with the superb downwind capability makes this modern classic the Queen of the monohulls.